Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Just a wee post to get this started...

Hi guys, this here is the blog for my degree film.

Plot wise, the piece is basically a 2-3 minute long battle between imaginary monsters.

Style-wise, It is split 2D/3D, with the opening and end scene traditionally animated and the yummy center (the battle) in CG.

I have a fantastic wee pick-and-mix team coming and going to help me with various parts, whom I'll encourage to post here as often as I do.

So, until some actual work is done, peace!

Reference picture- Monsters.

The monsters will take on a heavy influence from "realistic" CG monsters, like those shown above, but will be softened and stylized with a 2D "cartoony" look.

Reference picture- Kids.

The kids will be innocent and cute looking, with a bit of mischief about them. As in the pictures above, but stylized for the mood of the film.


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