Saturday, 29 September 2012

Monster Vision continued

Vision tests for Ellie's Monster:

Since Ellie's Monster has six heads, the screen was split into the vision of of those six heads. I wanted to do test it in a really stylized exaggerated way. So I created the basic division layer and used a series of masks to keep each layer within its section and simply keyed movement in the layers.

Nikki said she felt come blinks were needed again to highlight that the audience are seeing this through the monster's eyes.

I did a simple fade to black kind of thing really quickly but just didn't look clear enough...

Friday, 28 September 2012

Monster Vision

For the animatic, Nikki asked me to have a wee look at the monster vision ideas. Sam's Monster's vision was actually proving to be a VERY difficult task to pull off.

As Sam's monster is mainly rocky textures I tried to have some dusty textures around his eyes to explain to the audience that it is Sam's Monster's vision. However I felt it was too distracting and boring.

In this test, as Sam's Monsters eyes have an orange glow, I thought I'd add the orangy/yellow tint to the vision. I also gave the vision a watery movement to try to bring some life to the scene. But it just didn't really seem to work.

Of course these are only the first two tests. More practice and research are undoubtedly needed for this section if we continue with it in the film.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Animatic Shot Compositions- Scenes 1 and 3

Just some stills to show the composition of the shots for the animatic.

Scene 2 to follow!


Monday, 24 September 2012

Monster 2: Animatic Model Complete!

Cage needed the models lumped together quick as you like to use in our 3D animatic, So Monster 2 has come to a hasty conclusion today, He's missing 2 inner mouths, but the good news is everything seems to have come together not too badly

I realised after investigating my mouth modelling techniques that i may have made it more difficult than strictly necessary for myself to give him teeth. So, i went back a few steps and opened the mouth of Happy head like he was in a dentist's chair... 
 I made gums by using poly cubes and then shaping to fit the roof and floor of the mouth using the lattice deformer.
 Extruding the teeth...
That way i could work with the teeth/ tongue outside the model and then pop them back into the head like dentures. They were then combined with the head and that whole head was duplicated. Then it was just a case of attaching all the heads, mirroring geometry, snapping points, latticing Derp's eyes to fit his skull etc. etc. (I make it sound so off hand, yet I type this at 20:25 on a Monday, the only animator left in the village)
 Voila! turn-arounds!
 Some close ups of those happy happy chappies

 And a smoothed view of the gang
 I'll be tweaking him a bit in the coming days and then i may attempt a bit of detailed sculpting.

Wee Voices!

So over the weekend I met up with my wee volunteers to steal their voices! 

Sam Culling

Ellie Tait

Both did very well, and I'm gonnae have a fun day today trawling through the clips and picking out the best lines!

Only problem was created entirely by myself, I forgot to record one line! How does that even happen to a director?! So the last little "I'm drawing a robot!" will be re-done at the end of the week. Road trip!

Expect a new (final!) animatic by the peer review next week!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Monster 2: Tooth and Claw

Upon Cage's request: pointy up claws that remind me of those bear slippers you can buy in tescos
-Extruding and shaping them from the fingers. This foot was then duplicated and altered slightly in size to fit the back leg and save time.

                                              -smoothed view

- and again

- building the inside of a happy head's mouth and tongue by extruding back the lip ridge and then extruding from the mouth bed

Building the teeth by extracting a piece of the lip ridge geometry and extruding individual polygons away from the model. i took it back to 0 transforms to check up and make sure that one long tooth stuck out nicely, had to tweak the mouth geometry.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Monster 2: Progress

Happy head, plus a temporary sphere eye

                                               Attaching the ear (shaped from a cube)- smoothed
                                          extruding the spikes
                                          He's so happyyy
                                          reducing resolution at the back of the head
                                          shaping the necks from cylinders
                                          knitting all the necks together into one stump
                                          matching up the topology on the stump to the body
                                           shaping a tail from a cylinder

using a lattice to modify Happy head into Derp head
                                          adding and altering duplicated ears and spike
                                           it's hard to see but this is the inside of Derp's mouth and
                                           his tongue (it was even harder to see un-smoothed...)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Week 1

So this week, a few important decisions were made.

The action now takes place at night- the kids have been sent to bed, not to tidy up.

The character designs are being modified- the style has been changed, but will bear resemblances to previous designs. 

The team has gotten bigger! Warm welcome to the new members of team monsters! 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Today was spent changing our little guy from Nurbs to Polygons, and cleaning up the mess that had made.

Now he's in polys quite nicely, I'm gonna rebuild the fingers(which had way too many faces) and start adding more geography into where parts of the clothes will protrude from the body (sleeves, end of shirt, short legs etc).

Should keep me busy! I'll do the same for a duplicate model, but based on the girl design, then tomorrow I'll do facial details. And have a bash at the eyes again... Once that's done, I'm gonna use lattices to morph them out a little, stylize them and make them a bit more different from each other. Then it's on to facial expressions for the blendshapes! D:

That's the plan. Next week is on to modelling the bedroom and re-shooting scenes for the animatic. 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Kids- Models

Not much to say about this, just some progress screenshots for the interested.

Following a process using Nurbs, which I'll change into polygons closer to the end of the blocking out stage.

This model will be the base for the boy and the girl, tomorrow I'll be adding details etc. 

Stay classy.. thanks for stopping by... stay classy.. thanks for stopping by etc