Friday, 16 March 2012


Okay, hi guys. Sorry this has taken so long, but changes in effect are as follows-

  • The kids/opening scene is now in 3D.
  • The monsters in the kids drawings are shown.
  • Rather than cutting to the battle scene, the monsters "emerge" from the drawings. 
  • The monsters will gradually change from 2D to 3D as they emerge. 
  • The mum will only be shown as a shadow (monster scene), then as feet (kid's room)

 The storyboards have been redrawn (in thumbnails) and today I am working on re-drafting the script to accommodate the changes. When this is done, I'll start re-drawing the new storyboards (most of them are drawn on post-its at this point, haha).

Next week is big push week. Hopefully get the kids' room finalised, the monsters' character designs finished and the animatic nailed down. 

Wee bit behind schedule, but getting there. 

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