Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Rough Monster 2 Model: Progress

 I probably shouldn't have but after a few false starts with the heads i decided to bash on with the body first...

                                                                          - Shaping the body from a cylinder and preparing the pelvis topology
 - Extruding the shoulder and hip, shaping the back leg out of a cylinder and attaching
 - Combining the legs with the body (front leg also shaped from a cylinder)
  - Shaping the front foot from a cube

 -extruding the toes (the front foot was later duplicated and it's copy altered to fit the back leg's ankle, to make the back foot)
 - Preparing the shoulder blade for a wing by extruding
 - Shaping the wing from a cube, combining and attaching to the shoulder blade
- Shaping the "boss" head from a cube
-Modifying the topology of the face to allow expression and extracting the eye as a separate object.

That's all for now, I'm having trouble with the eye, i would normally shape it manually from the polygons remaining after making the eye socket, but because of the unusual shape, that method isn't quite behaving itself this time.

I'm going to attempt to shape the other heads using duplicates of the boss and the lattice/ sculpt geometry tools.

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