Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Today was spent changing our little guy from Nurbs to Polygons, and cleaning up the mess that had made.

Now he's in polys quite nicely, I'm gonna rebuild the fingers(which had way too many faces) and start adding more geography into where parts of the clothes will protrude from the body (sleeves, end of shirt, short legs etc).

Should keep me busy! I'll do the same for a duplicate model, but based on the girl design, then tomorrow I'll do facial details. And have a bash at the eyes again... Once that's done, I'm gonna use lattices to morph them out a little, stylize them and make them a bit more different from each other. Then it's on to facial expressions for the blendshapes! D:

That's the plan. Next week is on to modelling the bedroom and re-shooting scenes for the animatic. 

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