Friday, 19 April 2013


First, let me apologise because I meant to post a while ago, and thought I had.

As of March, 'Wee Monsters' has ceased production.

Upon reflection of the brief, the time left before the Degree Show, and considering several team-mates dedication to the project, I have concluded that the film would not be finished to the standards I had wished to achieve by the deadline. It was a very difficult decision to make, and was't taken lightly.

At this time, I am concentrating on developing my specialisms, as advised by my tutors. While I would have loved to finish the film, my degree is priority, and I need to put my efforts into meeting the new brief as best I can. Towards the end of working on the film, the team had fizzled out, and I found myself struggling to hold production together.

I'd like to thank anyone who helped with the production in any way, and apologise that the idea hasn't been realised.

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