Friday, 5 October 2012

This is your Captain speaking!

Okay, we had our peer review on Wednesday, and it went well. People that were new to the story understood everything from the animatic, and they seemed to like the idea. Well, it got laughs in all the right places!

The animatic is still about 15 seconds longer than we'd like it to be, but it's hard to decide what to cut. I'm sure it'll become apparent once we start animating! It's also a bit dull without the soundtrack. Imagine music and you'll get a better idea of the feel we're going for!

Oh, and the kid designs have changed. Again! So ignore the poor wee creepy models in the animatic. New kids look a bit more like this-

So tonight I've been doing a bit of prop modelling, since Erin's a bit pushed for time. I'm no modeller, so they're awful, but here's what I managed! - (the bed and toybox)

Since I'm a bit ill, I think I'll spend tomorrow modelling from the flat. Get some toys, pencils, night light, the curtains etc done so I can pass them on to Charlie.

Cheers lads! 

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