Monday, 5 November 2012


The rig continues!

Had a bit of a mishap at the end of last week which resulted in a complete do-over. I won't bore you with what went on, but I think at one point I've opened the wrong saved file to work from, so I completed the rig with the joints in the spine facing all different kinds of wrong ways :/ 

Alas, it's been done again. Few new bits of progress for you too!

We now have a Centre of Gravity control, and working knees and elbows. 

I've also just completed the hand controls!

Typical box round the hand, with little squares attached to control the individual fingers.
Each finger has Custom Attribute "Curl" and "Spread", which do exactly as they say on the tin. The hand control itself has master Curl Fist and Spread Fingers attributes, which are linked to each individual finger's attributes. 

These images show the controls working- 

Index finger with Curl attribute set to 5

Fist with Curl Fist set to 5

Hand with Spread Fingers set at 5

Hopefully I can find a way to mirror these controls across to the right arm, not really up for making them all again, but I fear I may have to haha. Also going to add in small controls for the individual joints of the fingers, for when more specific poses are needed, or to tweak dodgy results.

After the fingers I'll be making the inverse foot system, and then it's on to the face! 

Thanks for reading!

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