Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Waddles' finishing touches!

I call him Waddles, because i can really imagine him walkin' funny. But this should hopefully be one of the last modelling progress posts for Ellie's Monster, formally "Monster 2".
 On Chris' advice i bent the back knee a little to indicate the weight of the monster's flank on it. I also added more edge loops around the joints to ease rigging and weight painting.

i looked at some reference of how one would rig a wing before i started modelling but soon realised Calum's design was very simplified and would not require all the joints shown above, however, this bird wing reference did come in handy when i was building the more realistically drawn Evil fairy wing: see, below.
 I built the bird wing on 2 layers i started creating a simple cube and manipulating its divisions and overall shape.
 I then extruded faces to make the feathers
 i added topology minimally to achieve the right feather shape
 I built the second layer of the wings the same way

 I rounded the "shoulder" lump
 I added topology to create indented centres and plump sides for the feathers

 Before starting the Evil fairy wing i looked at the bird wing rigging reference (above) and images of bats, as the joint structure is clearly evident through their thin wings.
I started by creating and duplicating 8 cylinders
I shaped them t match the bones in Calum's drawing

I joined them together and added topology to make the spikes seem as if they were pushing out through the flesh surrounding the bone
 I extruded a plane from the edges of the cylinders to create the membrane wing

 The Fairy wing was created using a similar process to the Evil fairy wing
 (once i had created the front/ main wing shape, i duplicated it, deleted the bottom bone i had already built on the base, and attached the duplicate in it's place to save time)
 Before finishing up, i attached all of the wings to the shoulder of the main model in turn to make sure they fitted perfectly, and then kept them as separate objects on their own named layers.

P.S. The inside mouths for all of Waddles' heads are also complete now.

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