Friday, 16 November 2012

Why did I decide to rig the faces again...?

Been rigging the face solidly for the last 2 weeks. And when I say solidly, I mean amongst doing a draft of my D&TM report and doing some work for Fearg Na Mara and Stupid Kow (other class films).

Sometimes it's going well, and sometimes it's a bit of a pain.

We have working jaws, eyebrows and lips, although I haven't done the lip-roll yet, that's next!

Had a bit of bother with the eyes when I tried to rig them, as it turns out the eyeballs aren't perfectly spherical, which is causing them to pop out of the eyelids. Dan's sorting that out as we speak!

At this point I'm completely fed up with following tutorials step for step. Especially since the best ones I can find are for realistic human heads, and that's not what I'm dealing with. 

It really feels like my brain is melting... I keep going between stages of wanting to learn absolutely everything and give the head a million controls, and being fed up and looking for shortcuts.
So I've decided to take a wee break for the sake of my health and work on my dissertation. On Monday I will have a meeting with myself and decide just exactly what I need in the rig, and what bits I can miss out. 

Things we definitely still need set up are the lip-roll and the fleshy eye rig. Also think it may be worth setting up some blend shapes for cheek deformations. Then I just have to build the controls an he's done. 

main face set up (at this stage)

lip control curve with clusters
jaw with weights sorted out

Just have to keep repeating to myself that it'll all be worth it when its done haha. This poor wee model is my learning tool, so he's getting the worst of it. After I've sussed everything out on him it'll be plain sailing for the other characters! (surely...)

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